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Creators wanted. But, like, in a healthy way, you know?


Design, distribution, editing, publishing. Print ahead? Print on demand? Real paper? E-Paper? Our expert team has you covered.


Let's face it, good nerds are hard to come by. Your app need work? Your business site older than your most recent hire? Not sure how to sell that file? Need a pro editor? How about a prototype for the next awesome game? Yeah, we can do that.


You've had that album in your head or on your laptop for years. Don't sell one more burned CD out the back of your station wagon. We'll help you go pro.


Here's a subset of our work to this date. We helped them. Let us help you.

Chell Financial Data Rescue

Software Engineering Consulting


Pebble Smartwatch Face

Astronomy Saves The World



Digital Comic

Someone Else's Socks

Jazz Album

Barbershop Tales

Musical and Book


It's been a long time coming. Here's how we got here.

  • 2006-2011


    We went to high school together. But not just any high school- we went to Edgewood School of Choice in Merritt Island, FL, where we recieved our advanced training in business, art, music, and technology.

  • 2010-2015

    Intervening Years

    We spread out around the State of Florida for univerity and work experience. Tyler joined the Army. Jackson studied writing at UCF. Jacob studied Mathematics and Physics at UF. Casey studied Software Engineering at Florida Tech. We became a diverse and talented team.

  • June 2014

    CAP is Born

    With our foundational project, Barbershop Tales, well underway, we started our first (rather juvenile) identity- Corrupted Amish Publishing. Jackson travels to Daegu, South Korea to teach, while Casey works toward his MS in Software Engineering at Florida Tech and Jacob studies for his MFA in Musical Theater at New York University.

  • August 2015

    Spacewalk Publishing Rebrand

    The same team, the same great work, and a sleek, mature new identity. We're ready to take your project to orbital velocity.

  • Projects

Meet The Team

Pros, not cons.

Casey Doran

Operations, Software Engineering

Jacob Fjeldheim


Tyler Kerstetter


Jackson Smith


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